Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Benefits of DVD Kiosks to Retail Owners

- Is renting/selling DVDs still a viable option for retailers?

Absolutely, we’ve found that in the recession movie lovers have liked having the lower cost option of renting a movie as opposed to having to buy it. For retailers looking to burst their traffic, having a DVD kiosk in store is highly beneficial. A majority of customers will buy products from the store when they rent their movie, and they’ll then shop at the store again when returning their disc to the kiosk. Studies we’ve performed also showed that retail stores where we’d installed movie kiosks saw some big increases in spending on items associated with watching a film – snacks, confectionary and drinks.

- How much space should they allocate to it (average, it obviously depends on the store)

Each kiosk can hold over 600 discs, but intelligent design of the unit means that all these discs are held in a unit which takes up the same amount of room as a single door Coca-Cola fridge so the kiosk can fit in just about any retail store.

- What factors should a retailer take into account when deciding if they want to install a DVD offering?

As the DVD kiosk solution is fully automated, the retailer doesn’t need to worry about setting aside any time or resources to the management of the machine. We’d consider the local target audience for the retail store, and if we found that the retailer had a suitable target audience there really are very few barriers which would stop a kiosk being placed within their store. From the retailer, if they’re enthusiastic about the concept and want to up sell the service to their customers they’d benefit from having a DVD kiosk in-store.

- What returns should a retailer expect to see to ensure it is worthwhile?

Most retailers will receive a healthy share of profits generated from the kiosk on a monthly basis, dependent on the level of usages the kiosk receives whilst in-store. Perhaps of even greater benefit to the retailer than the direct financial return from the kiosk is the added footfall and secondary spending the kiosk can bring, as well as the buzz generated from having a highly-unique concept inside their store.

- Given the rise in downloading, is it still a lucrative option for store owners?

Physical rental of movies in the UK remains the primary choice for most movie-lovers. Whilst the online market is developing, most people still prefer the benefits offered by physical rental solutions – a wide range of titles, low prices and instant access. The impulse factor is also important, the presence of a kiosk in retail store means people can decide to have a movie night on a whim.

- How can a retailer make the most of his DVD offering?

The key thing a retailer needs to make the kiosk a success in their store is enthusiasm for the concept. If they can get staff involved with telling people how the kiosk works more customers are likely to give it a go. The Movie Booth also regularly updated in-store POS to make sure customers are aware of all of the latest movies available, so in having the latest movie-merchandising up in store the retailer can ensure customers are aware that the kiosk is stocking the latest releases.

- Why should a retailer have a kiosk rather than a shelf offering? Which works better?

The major benefit of a DVD kiosk for a retailer is the fact its fully automated – no customer registration, no updating new titles every week, no hassle of retrieving movies for the customers – The Movie Booth’s intelligent software controls all of these aspects and with a Movie Booth Field Crew member visiting the kiosk on a weekly basis the retailer can give regular feedback on the service. DVD rental can add a wide range of benefits to any retail store, and The Movie Booth solution maximises this benefit by making the addition of this service to any store completely hassle-free.

- Are games/blu-ray worth stocking in a store?

Interest in Blu-ray is rapidly expanding, and The Movie Booth now offer Blu-ray rentals across a select range of their DVD kiosks. The Movie Booth’s live inventory reporting system allows them to see peaks in demand, and weekly customer-correspondence allows us to speak with our users to determine whether they want new additions such as Blu-ray movies. As this demand grows, you can be sure Blu-ray will be available at all Movie Booth kiosks where it is demanded.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

DVD Kiosks are a British Blockbuster

With forty two DVD kiosks now in operation, The Movie Booth is gaining a foothold in the UK and Irish DVD rental market. The company installs their DVD machines into retail stores and base their business model on offering price and convenience to consumers.

Individual kiosks are managed by a number of operators across the UK and Ireland. The operators have full control over the kiosk and make all decisions on pricing, stock and marketing. The easy to manage business opportunity has proved attractive to investors, and The Movie Booth is looking to grow their base of operators nationwide.

The central success of The Movie Booth concept has been the response to the concept from customers who are tired of waiting for their movies to arrive in the post or can’t afford to spend £4 per night on renting a movie from a traditional store. Offering the ultimate in convenience – customers can get everything they need for a night in from one place – has been a huge incentive to busy consumers of the 21st Century.

The company has had some extremely positive feedback from users in recent weeks:
“The movie booth is brilliant and I no longer rent from Blockbuster. It would be great to see them in other shops. I think it is a fab idea, and lots of my friends have started using it too!”

Katherine Thorne, Portsmouth

"The movie booth is located in the Co-Op across the road. I absolutely love it. It is cheap, convenient..... And so far not many people are aware of it, so most of the movies are available. I love the fact that the movies are constantly updated, as I m a cinema addict!!! It is very easy to use, and very quick. Emails sending updates are great, it just remind me it is around the corner.
.... so all good!"

Nathalie Vieira, Southsea

"For me to get to my local Movie Booth takes about 10 minutes value for money is excellent when you compare it to a lot of other outlets such as Blockbusters I have had no problem with any of the films all have worked perfectly, some of the weekend deals you do are great and I always take advantage of them I have recommended this service to my mates and most all ready use it."

Keven Gevouax-Ross, Edinburgh

As the number of traditional DVD rental stores decreases, the demand for local cost effective services has increased and The Movie Booth are poised to take advantage of this gap in the market with their revolutionary DVD kiosks.

For further information on how the DVD kiosk works you can call 0044(0) 8701436769, email or visit

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Blockbuster Buckles under Kiosk, Online Rental Growth

Since launching in the 80’s, Blockbuster has been synonymous with renting movies. However, the company now finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy and may be forced to close stores across the globe as a result. With debts of £635 and a share price that has dropped to 32 cents per share, the company is struggling to cope with changes in technology. So what has caused Blockbuster’s demise?

DVD kiosks

A newcomer to the market, DVD kiosks are quickly eating into Blockbusters share of the rental market. Placed within existing retail stores the automated kiosks minimise premises and staffing costs, enabling these savings to be passed on to consumers, undercutting rental prices of traditional high street chains including Blockbuster. In the USA, Redbox have set the pace with DVD kiosks and now have more than 22,000 kiosks in operation giving them a market share of 13% in 2009. The kiosks offer rentals for $1 a night from many of the largest grocery stores in America.

In the UK, Blockbusters 630 stores are coming under threat from Movie Booth ( DVD kiosks. The company has 50 kiosks in operation spread throughout many of the country’s most well known retail groups, with 5 new locations opening each month. Offering movie rental for £1.50 per night, the company model is based on convenience and price of renting from kiosks leading to UK consumers embrace renting movies from DVD kiosks in the same way the US public has.


Blockbuster’s single biggest competitor has been the growth of the rental-by-post market. Up until the spread of internet usage by the general public, Blockbuster had a tight hold on the DVD rental market. With the highest number of stores, the largest selection of movies and a ubiquitous brand, the company dominated the industry. The onset of the new Millennium brought on mass-usage of the internet, and with it a horde of new competitors for Blockbuster. Online rental by post has been the major winner, where in the US Netflix now has more than 10million subscribers and Lovefilm in the UK now control a greater share of the DVD rental market than Blockbuster with more than 1million people subscribing to their service.

The Internet

And this isn’t the end of Blockbusters online competition as consumers begin to embrace Video on Demand. Apple have launched their movie rental service through i-tunes, and whilst the range and cost of titles isn’t yet competitive people looking to rent movies through their computer will embrace this service. A plethora of similar services now exist where consumers can either stream or download movies directly to their computer. Whilst this technology isn’t yet end user friendly – additional hardware and software is required to watch these movies on a TV – the growth of this sector is a further threat to Blockbuster.

Blockbuster themselves have noted the increasing popularity of kiosks and have begun installing their own machines in the USA. However, the question on everybody’s lips is whether it’s a case of too little, too late for the retail giant.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Retailers Benefit from New Service Offering

The credit crunch has forced retailers to use every business opportunity available to maximise revenue streams. This has led to retailers streamlining operations and tightening budgets. However, opportunities have also arisen for retailers to diversify products and services to generate new income sources.

A notable example of this appeared recently with news that Tesco are set to announce revenue figures from DVD and games sales that is higher than HMV’s revenue for the same products.

The home entertainment sector has been one area which retailers have focused on in the credit crunch. A survey from Halifax Home Insurers showed that nearly 60% of people now prefer to spend Saturday nights with friends and family at each other’s homes as opposed to spending money at bars, clubs and restaurants.

The DVD rental kiosk concept is one example of a service that has been of benefit to retailers in the UK and Ireland since demand for home entertainment increased. The Movie Booth currently operates DVD kiosks in stores including Spar, Nisa, Budgens and Tesco.

The company recently surveyed users from one of their kiosks in Tesco, Wexford. Of the 224 customers surveyed, 100% of these said that they purchased additional related products in store when renting a movie from the kiosk. 89% said they also bought products in-store when returning their movies. Offering additional services such as DVD rental kiosks have proven to be a lucrative example of product diversification through direct and indirect sales.

This comes on the back of a Screen Digest report shows that spending on ‘home entertainment’ has jumped £65million in the last year. This increased demand for movies coupled with the closure of many traditional DVD rental stores – Choices UK and Apollo are two of the biggest victims – has given retailers a unique opportunity to exploit the gap in this market.

Jane Hinton, a store manager at a Spar store in Shrewsbury which houses a Movie Booth kiosk said "The Movie Booth is doing really well in my Spar shop. It has had a lot of interest from our existing customers and has also brought in a lot of new customers. It is easy to use and as a shop manager is completely hassle free. We have also had an increase in sales of convenience foods. I look forward to the next few months, as I'm sure business will continue to grow"

DVD kiosks are beginning to join pay-points, photo kiosks and ATM’s as services which customers would expect to see in their local stores. As the internet gives people an ever-growing choice to purchase everything they need online, retailers are finding ever-inventive ways to remain competitive.

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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tesco Trial DVD rental kiosks in Ireland

Futuristic Technology brings Hollywood Blockbusters to Tesco

People love going to the movies to catch up on the latest movie blockbusters, and Hollywood has long provided a constant stream of action packed titles. However, recent developments in the Irish movie industry means that there’s as much action going on off the screen as there is on it. The Tesco group in Ireland are joining a host of smaller and independent retailers in implementing a futuristic DVD vending technology into their stores.

The credit crunch has ushered in a new kind of consumer who seeks cost-effective ways to get access to entertainment. In the US, where the credit crunch has hit hardest, consumers have increasingly turned to DVD rental kiosks as a cheap way to get access to movies. Some of America’s giant corporations have invested in this technology – both McDonalds and Coinstar hold stakes in the largest DVD kiosk provider in America. There are now over 30,000 of these units across the States, and it looks as if recession-hit consumers in Ireland will also soon be utilising this technology.

Demand from consumers for the most cost efficient way to access movies is being met by online rental by post services and traditional stores at present, but it is expected that a dramatic growth in DVD rental kiosks will commence in the second half of 2009. At present, one company pioneering this technology in Ireland is The Movie Booth – they currently have seven kiosks in operation in Ireland but expect this number to reach twenty five by the end of 2009.

The growth of this concept in the USA suggests it will soon also be hitting our shores, and news announced recently by The Movie Booth suggests DVD kiosks will become more commonplace here sooner rather than later.

In June, Tesco will begin a trial of DVD rental kiosks in several of their stores and The Movie Booth hope to deploy their units in each store in Ireland upon completion of a successful trial. The first trials with Tesco will launch in Wexford and Dublin stores in mid-June, and The Movie Booth hope to increase coverage in the group upon the completion of a successful trial. Tesco will join Irish retailers including Centra, Vivo and Supervalu who all cuirrently have DVD kiosks in their stores.

Managing Director of The Movie Booth Carlos Marco said “The retail industry has proven to be the ideal place for our product to be successful – its a great compliment to existing trade but also offers an entirely new service area. It’s proven massively popular in the USA, and we hope that our recent good news will enable us to match that level of success here in Ireland. We’ve been negotiating with Tesco for a while now, so naturally we’re delighted to finally get the chance to work with a retail giant”. Visit for further information.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Investment upturn in midst of economic downturn

The ongoing doom and gloom in the financial world has led to many consumers being forced to change their spending habits, which has led to changes in the way investors spend their money. No longer are mainstays such as banking giving the security in investment of years gone by, leading to an increase in entrepreneurs looking for alternative investment routes.

With consumer spending on traditional nights out at an all time low due to the ‘credit crunch’, people are increasingly looking for a low cost night in. Waitrose recently reported a 30% increase in sales of its ‘As Good As Going Out’ range of ready meals, whilst online DVD rental service LoveFilm claimed a 40% increase in new memberships since the Summer of 2007.

One company claiming that their business has grown since the recession began is The Movie Booth, who deploy DVD rental kiosks across the UK and Ireland. Since launching in early 2008, The Movie Booth have seen a 60% increase in new monthly kiosk launches, with eight DVD kiosks being launched across the UK and Ireland since December.

The Movie Booth claim their machines are the modern alternative to Blockbusters traditional DVD rental model, and enable retailers to offer a completely new service from within their existing premises. Alongside company owned units deployed in retail stores, The Movie Booth sell kiosks to individual investors and investment groups seeking to become involved in a home entertainment industry which has received a new breath of life since the downturn in the economy has led to an increase in consumers spending nights in as opposed to nights out. For entrepreneurs who don’t own sites to place a DVD kiosk, The Movie Booth assist in finding the most suitable locations available based on localized demographic data.

DVD rental kiosks have proven to be extremely popular amongst investment groups in the USA, which includes McDonalds, Coinstar and MCG Capital Corporation.Paul Dugdale, Sales Manager at The Movie Booth, said “We have seen quite an increase in interest in our product since the credit crunch began. Most of the people we work with are individual entrepreneurs looking to invest their cash in a business which can grow in this economic climate. Fortunately our product is proving to be popular because of changes in consumer behaviour, and our investors have been very happy with the returns they have seen so far”. For further information on this business opportunity visit or call 0870 1436769.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sci-fi machine promotes local horror flick in time for Halloween

Cult Belfast movie launches exclusive partnership with local operator

Battle of the Bone, the Belfast produced cult Zombie horror movie, is launching across Northern Ireland today with support from an equally interesting piece of machinery located in Belfast. The movie, produced by Belfast local George Clarke, centres on rival gangs in Belfast joining forces to fight a greater cause – zombies!

The movie is officially launched across Belfast today (Thursday), and Yellow Fever Productions who created the film have teamed up with The Movie Booth to offer copies of the movie from futuristic DVD rental machines which are located in the city. The Movie Booth operates automated DVD rental kiosks in Centra stores on Malone Road and Lisburn Road, and Yellow Fever Productions felt the kiosks offered a further opportunity for their cult following in Belfast to enjoy The Battle of The Bone. The movie can be rented from these kiosks as of Thursday, and will cost £2.50 to rent.

Mitchell Leszczyszak from The Movie Booth said, “We are always looking for ways to link up with local projects, and when George contacted us about the release of his film we jumped at the opportunity. The film is very unique, and we think it suits the nature of our kiosk. We’re proud to be the only rental company offering this movie in Belfast”.

George Clarke, director and producer of Battle of the Bone said “"Renting Battle of the Bone through The Movie Booth is a great opportunity for us and a pleasure to work with such an exciting new company".

The Battle of The Bone was released in cinemas in July to critical acclaim and was recently screened at a prestigious festival in Florida which was attended by horror movie legend George A. Romero. The film mixes martial arts and zombie horror with the twist of having local characters, locations and banter. The Movie Booth launched their first DVD rental kiosk on Lisburn Road and installed a second kiosk in partnership with the Musgrave group at Centra, Malone Road in September. For further information call 0870 1436769 or visit